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A Parents Guide to Intentionally Raising Godly Children

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The 7 Pillars of the Successful Christian Family

Often, parents are so busy with all the demands of life today they can lose sight of the forest for the trees. This leads to pursuing the urgent instead of the important. Heritage Parenting presents a paradigm for understanding your Christian family and its workings. In this way, you can examine your life together and create an environment which fosters faith and family unity

Things About Your Child They Can't Tell You

Ever ask a child, "Why did you do that?" Often they say, "I don't know." The reason is because they really don't know or can't express it. In Heritage Parenting we review the fundamentals of Child Development in Intelligence, Personality and Morality. This is to better understand and empathize with your children. You can bridge the communication gap and speak to children in appropriate language for their stage of growth. 

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The World-Changing Teaching Strategy of Jesus

Talk about influential, Jesus trained his disciples to change the world! He took ordinary people whose primary asset was a desire to follow him and trained them to be his disciples. In this book, we present a model of Jesus's training strategy and show how parents can (and should) use them. This common sense approach allows parents to intentionally mold their child and help them develop greater skills, confidence, and faith.

Heritage Parenting:

Misconceptions About Raising Children in Faith

Parents who love God will want to raise children who love God. It's that simple. Of all the influences on a child, parents are by far the most important. Unfortunately, we are ill equipped to raise children of faith because of the misconceptions and inadequate preparation of most parents.We take a look at these areas of challenge and offer parents an opportunity to understand their own needs and consider how they can overcome this lack.

A Firm Foundation:

 Knowing the Biblical principles around parenting and the discipleship practices of Jesus can really help parents raise children who love and follow God. Here are some excerpts from the book.

R. Thomas Schwind & Todd Gates have pretty good credentials for their expertise on parenting and discipleship. As pastors, parents, and Bible scholars they bring God's Word right into the field of parenting. 

Dr. Robert Coleman is the author of  "The Master Plan of Evangelism" which sold 3 million copies and many other books on Discipleship. Read his thoughts on the need for "Heritage Parenting". and his endorsement.

Heritage Parenting is the manner of raising children to love and follow God according to the biblical patterns Jesus used while training disciples and helping them become world changers.